Grain Marketing & Bids

Grain Marketing with Absolute Energy LLC.

In today's farming business risk management is part of the cost of putting a crop in (just like crop insurance). If your pricing objective is $6.00 add the cost of the HTA fees and put the offer in at that level. These costs are real but remember don't let 3 or 8 cents cost your $1.00 in the marketplace.

We know how important it is for you to get the most out of your harvest, so check back with us every day for the most current information on grain bids and marketing!

Current Grain Bids & Information

Delivering Your Grain at Absolute Energy LLC.

When around back in the two lanes going into the grain dumps, stay in your lane until dumped. Do NOT cross lanes. Trucks hauling corn, please make sure you are stopping at the stop signs by the railroad tracks coming into Absolute Energy. When dumping Corn on the dump pits do not leave until corn is below the grates.

Grain Dump Hours:

See Current Dump Hours

Important Rules for Receiving Grain At the Receiving Building

  1. Stop at a stop sign. Wait for the truck on the pit to leave the building before entering.
  2. Stay in designated lanes 1 and 2; lane 3 - DDGS trucks only.
  3. Open back hopper first.
  4. Do not allow corn to pile above grating. This will plug the dust recovery system and shutdown receiving.
  5. Close hoppers before leaving the building.
  6. Riders must stay in their truck.
  7. Do not leave any trucks unattended in the grain truck line (no leaving trucks including overnight).

Absolute Energy Covid-19 Policy

Truckers may leave their trucks only to:

  • Dump Grain in Grain Receiving Building
  • Use Restrooms set up by Scalehouse or Grain Receiving Building
  • Pass Paperwork at DDG's Loadout Area

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